Export from China

We accept orders for individual consignments, and also consolidate small consignments into large ones - this gives an advantage in terms and prices !!!!

Cargo delivery from China
Cargo delivery of goods from China is the fastest and cheapest way to deliver goods across the border, designed for a large number of different product items and does not require the preparation of related documentation. We offer customers the most reasonable prices, and the fastest delivery speed. Leave a request and get the cost and terms of cargo delivery of goods from China to your city.

Univers Cargo is ready to arrange delivery from China of any type of cargo, including perishable, bulky or valuable:

heavy loads - special equipment, substations, rotors, turbines;
cargoes of special (special) purpose, which require certain (very often - quite stringent) transportation conditions: computers, server rooms, medicines;
oversized cargo - machine tools for various purposes, large capacities, etc.
groupage air transportation;
goods that, due to delivery delays, lose both in cost and turnover (the most revealing example is laptops, tablets, but especially mobile phones, the largest sales are in the first 2 months after the new model).
Air cargo delivery from China is an opportunity to quickly expand the range of goods offered, to get ahead of competitors in the market for the supply of the latest products, which will lead to faster turnover of goods and funds. Air transportation of goods from China is an exact adherence to delivery times and a full guarantee that your cargo will quickly pass through customs clearance.

In addition, it provides:

delivery of goods to the nearest airport in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, etc.
execution of all necessary documentation;
air transportation to Moldova at the recipient's airport;
cargo delivery from the airport directly to the customer;
customs clearance;
cargo insurance;
any types of loading / unloading;
cargo escort at all stages of its transportation.
Air cargo from China - reasonable rates, complete safety of your cargo and maximum delivery speed!