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Cargo characteristics

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Useful information

Cargo characteristics

Heavy and oversized cargo.

Heavy load - the place of cargo weighing over 80 kg, bulky - goods that are the size and / or form requires the use of special handling equipment, packaging, additional funds, exceed the dimensions loading hatches and cargo holds of passenger ships.
Among the items of goods related to large-sized - pipes, separate equipment, cable drums and reels, aircraft engines, automobiles and other goods related to its characteristics, this kind of special cargo.

Perishable (term) load.
Special goods whose status or suitability for a particular purpose may worsen as a result of adverse changes in temperature, humidity, or delay in delivery.
Among the items of goods relating to perishable:
– plant foods: fruits and vegetables, berries, citrus fruits;
– Animal products: meat and poultry, fish and seafood, chilled and smoked fish, eggs, including hatcheries, fish roe;
– by-products: butter, fats, frozen fruits and vegetables, meats, canned goods, meat, cheese, dairy products;
– live plants, flowers, seedlings, tubers and seeds;
– ive fish stocks: fry, fingerlings, live fish roe.
– preserved blood, vaccines, serums, medical and biological preparations, living human bodies, frozen embryos.
– newspapers, magazines.

Moist (wet) weight.
Special goods containing liquids (except for items classified as dangerous goods).
Among the items of goods belonging to the wet - the liquid in a waterproof container, food packed with wet ice, fresh, frozen or chilled meat / fish, seafood and vegetables, which may leak fluids, live animals.

Human remains

The goods with an unpleasant smell (fragrant)
Special cargo which because of its strong odor may be taken only packed in waterproof containers sealed in such a way that does not pass any smell.
Among the items of goods belonging to the "fragrant" - fresh skin, essential oils, fresh or salted entrails (intestines).

Live animals
Special cargo transportation rules are set in IATA Resolution 620, Supplement A: «Live Animals Regulation» (Regulations for the carriage of live animals), which came into effect from October 1994. Alphabetical list of animals included in the Rules. The term "live animals" includes live animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians.

Dangerous goods
Special cargo, representing objects or substances, which are carriage by air of a substantial risk to human health and property. The list of classes of dangerous goods and their name is contained in the "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" ICAO.

Art and museum exhibits

Human blood and organs

Diplomatic cargo (mail)

Valuable cargo