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Cargo characteristics

Packaging requirements

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Packing of cargo

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Useful information

Packaging requirements

Requirements for packaging and labeling of goods.

  1. The goods are handed over for carriage must have proper packing.
Packaging of goods should be clean and dry, with no external injuries and access to content.
  2. Nature of packaging must correspond to the load and weight
(Ie, to preserve the contents within the package.)
  3. In Georgia should not be linked (ie, to be indivisible).
  4. Being intact investments must be tightly packed, and does not contain voids.
  5. The cases should not have the old mark of cargo and handling marks are not appropriate investments.
  6. Do not pack goods in boxes (containers) with the marking of dangerous goods.
  7. Do not pack in one box (packaging) of dangerous goods, together with any
other goods.
  8. Dangerous goods must be certified container.
  9. Metal, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic and other packaging
should fully ensure the safety of the contents and prevent the cargo from
leakage, spillage or scattering the contents.
10. Goods that require special storage conditions and transportation, should
contain appropriate labeling, handling marks and
ordering instructions for dealing with them.
11. Glass accepted densely packed in wooden boxes.
12. Packaging valuable cargo transferred to the carriage, should be sealed.
The seal must not be violated, and have clear impressions of letters or numbers
13. Seals number should be reflected in the accompanying documentation.
14. Loads of soft packaging (paper), with worn-out packaging - not providing
safety and integrity during transportation, for transportation will not be accepted.
15. For transportation will not be accepted: flammable, explosive and
radioactive cargo, containing narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well
same goods, the turnover of which is prohibited.
16. The goods must be packed in the light of its special properties so that when
Conventional measures of circulation (transportation, unloading, etc.) ensured its safety.

For information Shippers:
airlines have the right to make the packaging of goods that will be accepted on flights operated by their aircraft, special requirements (mandatory sealing of all cargo, extra packaging to deliver the goods in the film "stretch", etc.) which are mandatory for shippers.
- Requirements for packaging and labeling Dangerous Goods presented in accordance with "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air. ICAO.
- Requirements for packaging and labeling (cages, containers, tanks etc.) for shipment of birds, fish, and animals are presented in accordance with instructions set forth in the "Regulation of carriage of live animals (IATA), which guarantees their safe transportation and compliance appropriate sanitary requirements.

Complete information about special requirements for transportation of these and other not specified in the information goods can be obtained from the manager of the company