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Cargo characteristics

Packaging requirements

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Packing of cargo

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Useful information

Packing of cargo

  • Choose a package suitable for the size of the contents of the cargo. Incomplete boxes can break down, overcrowded - to separate at the seams.
  • Use only high quality packaging materials. Should take into account the strength and durability of materials, as well as provide padding inside the package.
  • Use a box of corrugated cardboard. For the packaging of valuable cargo, use wear-resistant double-layered cardboard boxes.
  • In order to secure fixation of objects inside the package, use the cushioning materials.
  • In order to tightly close the box, if necessary, use a wide adhesive tape.
  • It's fragile place in the center of the box so that they do not come into contact with each other. Carefully wrap each piece of soft packing material.
  • Liquids shall be transported in sealed vessels. Vessels to be wrapped solid packing materials (eg, tax foam) and sealed in plastic bags. Remember that poorly packaged goods can harm the rest of the contents of the box.
  • Powders and granular substances pack in a strong plastic bags, seal and put in a box with a strong foundation.
  • Carefully pack gifts. Typically, gift wrap is not suitable for transportation.
  • Carefully pack small items.
  • Protect the soft packing material between the discs, audio and video tapes.
  • Repeated use of the box, detach the all labels and tags. Do not use the lost form of a box.