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Cargo characteristics

Packaging requirements

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Packing of cargo

Cargo marking


Useful information

Cargo marking

Criteria for the Transport sender tare and piece goods should be shipping label applied in the transport of goods. Transportation marking consists of basic, additional, information notices and handling marks

The main inscription on the packages should include:

  • Full or abbreviated name of the consignee;
  • Full name of the destination station;
  • Number of packages in the shipment and the number of seats in dispatch;

Additional inscriptions on the packages should include:

  • Name of departure indicating the departure station and the carrier;
  • The railway markings on each cargo space in the carriage of goods in small shipments, as a fraction;

Information should include:

  • Gross and net mass in kilograms of cargo space. Allowed instead of net weight to indicate the number of products in pieces. This information can not be applied if they are specified in the labeling, which characterizes the packaged products;
  • Dimensions of cargo space in centimeters (length, width, height or diameter and height)

Under manipulation signs mean image indicating type of cargo handling. The need for application forms and applicable handling marks are defined standards or specifications for products. Look on the main types of labels here.