About us

Wellcome to "Univers Cargo" S.R.L.

For many years the company «Univers Cargo» SRL organizing air freight shipments worldwide. This experience helps us to solve complex problems related to the provision of air services bulky, heavy, dangerous goods.

Freight Forwarders our company take away your goods at any point, will deliver him to the airport, will provide special packaging and labeling, delivered to the consignee. We provide air freight shipments, both imported and exported goods. Also, the Company may offer you services:

  • cargo insurance on very favorable terms
  • internal customs transit (ВТТ)
  • cargo consolidation

Our company does not limit the client in size and volume of air cargo. We provide air transportation of goods from 1 kg. «Univers Cargo» S.R.L. provides air cargoes, and is ready to deliver any oversized cargo worldwide. And if necessary we can charter for you to charter cargo flight on any of the selected areas.

Company «Univers Cargo» S.R.L. performs air freight shipments, meeting the high requirements of our customers. We look forward to working with both legal as well as with individuals.

 Company policy is aimed at continuous improvement of services, arising of quality and reducing the maximum transit delivery time of goods.

  •  “Univers Cargo” SRL cooperates closely with logistics and expedition companies, that permit us to expand constantly the geography of our transportation and the range of the granted services.
  •  We established partnerships with leading airline companies that offers us the opportunity to organize the air freight to the any point of the world.
  •  We try to offer the cheapest flights that meet completely the individual needs of our customers, to find a solution when you need an urgent airfreight service.