Air Freight service

Taking in account the characteristics of the goods, qualified managers will choose the best type of vehicle and the route of transportation in compliance with all rules and regulations that will meet strictly a time-delivery limit.

Airfreight service is essential in the organization of international transport at a significant distances. After all, modern air transport allows the delivery of shipments in a few hours after thousands of kilometres distances. The quickness of delivery and the possibility of transporting goods in the most inaccessible place in the world have made air transport the fastest and convenient way of delivery. International network of agents of “Univers Cargo" SRL makes able to organize airfreight cargo from anywhere in the world.

Air transportation

The «Univers Cargo» company provides air cargo transportation services. We are able to organize delivery from almost anywhere in the world, guaranteeing quality, safety and the highest possible efficiency.

Working with us is comfortable and profitable - the company offers a flexible tariff scale for different directions and types of cargo.


What kind of cargo can we deliver by plane?

International air transportation of goods from the «Univers Cargo» company is an extremely versatile service, implying the delivery of almost all types of goods, initially allowed for transportation by air.

A consultant of our company will tell you in more detail what exactly can be transported by air delivery at any time - call!


Benefits of air transportation services

Air delivery of goods among all types of cargo transportation in many ways can be considered the best option. This method of transportation isdistinguished by its:

  • increased efficiency
  • guaranteed safety
  • safety
  • accuracy

Neither road, nor sea, nor rail cargo transportation do not offer such a combination of advantages as air delivery!

  We cooperate with the world's leading airlines: AEROFLOT, China Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa Cargo, Air Bridge Cargo, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines.