Customs brokerage services

Our specialists have big experience in the field of customs clearance, which leads to a fast solution of problems that appears in the movement of goods and application of different customs regimes. The service on customs clearance includes:

Defining the list of documents required for customs clearance. Selection of the customs code.

The calculation of payable customs duties and other charges stipulated by customs legislation.

Customs Broker Services


We, “UniversCargo”, offer you the services of not a standard customs broker, but a “turnkey broker”, which means that we will take on the following steps:

  • Collection of documents for the goods: invoice, invoice, contract.
  • definition of the TN VED TS code;
  • calculation of customs payments;
  • Assessment of the correctness of their design.
  • Registration of the necessary permits: certificates, declarations of conformity, exemption letters, documents confirming the customs value
  • Organization of inspections of goods
  • Consulting and legal support for customers on all issues related to customs clearance of goods


Benefits of working with a customs broker


Here are the most important reasons why you should contact customs brokerage organizations:

  • saving time;
  • saving money;
  • safety of your nerves,
  • reduction of the risks of loss of goods to zero, the availability of insurance.


The cost of services of a customs broker, and related services


The cost of brokerage services directly depends on the cargo itself and its characteristics: quantity of goods, total cost, frequency of deliveries, etc. An important role plays the type of transportation: air, auto, railway, sea transportation, or combined.