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02 iunie 2021

Cages for transporting animals on aircraft must be made of plastic, metal or wood, have an iron door (plastic doors are prohibited)! Door hinges and locking pins should protrude above and below the horizontal edges of the doorway by at least 1.6 cm

Dogs / cats should be able to stand, sit, lie and turn in a natural position.
The litter in the container must be non-toxic absorbent material
Plates for food and water must be attached and accessible from the outside.
No more than 2 adult animals of the same size weighing no more than 14 kg each, accustomed to living together, can be transported in one container. Large animals are transported individually.
Animals up to 6 months old from one litter can travel in one container, but no more than three.
Dogs and cats cannot travel together in the same container.
The crate should be large enough for your pet to sit and stand with its head up, turn around and lie down in a normal position. Your pet's head and ears should not touch the top of the cage.
In each hole for attaching the top of the cage to the bottom, there must be a bolt with a metal nut. If the fasteners are made of plastic, the sender needs to drill additional holes and duplicate them with metal bolts, or purchase another pet travel cage.
The door must be securely closed, but not have combination locks, or locks that can be unlocked with a key. In accordance with federal law, animals must be available in the event of an emergency.
Regulations require that any wheels must be locked or removed from the cage prior to transport.
Sick animals, as well as animals with injuries, are not transported.
IATA * standard cages for international transport of animals by any means of transport. A sturdy cage with a metal grill and a secure snap-lock. Sizes from # 4 have a retractable carry handle and rollers (optional). The cage can be disassembled into two parts for easy transportation. Made according to all standards.


No. 1 - 48x32x31 cm (for animals weighing up to 6 kg)
No. 2 - 55x36x35 cm (for animals weighing up to 8 kg)
No. 3 - 61x40x38 cm (for animals weighing up to 10-12 kg)
No. 4 - 71x51x50 cm (for animals weighing up to 18 kg)
No. 5 - 81x61x60 cm (for animals weighing up to 25-30 kg)
No. 6 - 92x64x66 cm (for animals weighing up to 38-40 kg)
No. 7 - 102x72x76 cm (for animals weighing up to 50 kg)